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Mincon Group PLC – Rock Drilling Tools for Surface and Underground Mining and Exploration drilling

Mincon Group PLC have been leaders in the field of drilling technology for the past 30 years.  Mincon’s world class rock drilling tools cover the complete range of drilling applications including:

  • Down the Hole (DTH) hammer open pit mining
  • Reverse circulation (RC) exploration
  • Reverse circulation (RC) grade control
  • Underground ITH drilling
  • Rotary drilling products

Down the Hole (DTH) Hammer Rockdrills

Mincon’s world class range of Down the Hole hammers have been leading the way in performance, reliability and longevity since their introduction ten years ago.  Offering the best cost per foot drilling in the industry, drillers around the world are insisting on. Continuous innovation keeps Mincon’s at the forefront of drilling technology and the newest addition to the Mincon’s family of hammers, the “MQ range” raises the bar again with what should be expected from a DTH hammer.

It has long been recognized that one of the main components that causes down time due to failure is the foot valve or blow tube as it is also known.  The foot valve is a thermoplastic tube in the top of the drill bit that is used to create an air chamber in the bottom of the hammer that is part of the hammer’s operating cycle.

It is quite common in blast hole drilling to experience spline wear in the chuck and drill bit, especially in broken ground conditions.  The net effect of this wear is to allow lateral movement of the drill bit within the chuck.  The piston can then strike the drill bit off axis and break the foot valve.  This will then cause the hammer to stop drilling.  The hammers chuck or drive sub needs to be opened and the drill bit must be changed or remove the broken piece and install a new foot valve.  Heat issues can also change the properties of the thermoplastic material that the foot valves are made from and cause problems where the foot valve can gradually come out of the drill bit.

To eliminate the foot valve from the drill bit while maintaining high productivity or increasing performance has usually meant changing to proprietary shanks.  This leaves unused product in stock and lead times to ramp up stocks of the new product. The new Mincon MQ range of DTH hammers has now eliminated the need for the foot valve while maintaining use of the industry accepted drill bits. 

In developing this range of hammers a number of design features were incorporated to increase performance over our standard models that use these shanks with the foot valve.  During extensive testing in Australia and the United States increases in penetration rates in some instances of 10 percent or more were experienced.  The drilling performance increases further when you take out the down time caused by broken foot valves.

Another benefit that comes from removing the foot valve from the drill bit is a more efficient exhausting of the operating air from the hammer.  When using a drill bit with a foot valve, the air does not exhaust from the bottom air chamber until the piston clears the foot valve and the air can escape down through the center of the drill bit.  Removing the foot valve allows the hammer to exhaust from the moment the piston strikes the drill bit.  This aids in removing the cuttings from the drill bit face quicker and thus increases the penetration rate. 

Reverse Circulation (RC) or Center Return Hammers

Mincon personnel have a wealth of knowledge and experience in reverse circulation hammer design and manufacturing spanning over 20 years in a drilling discipline that is just over 30 years old.  Bringing this experience to the MR line of hammers produced a design that is second to none in performance, reliability and sample quality.

The penetration rates being produced are very positive, exceeding those produced by other brands, with or without the use of high pressure boosters.  The sample quality being recovered is also above expectations.  Innovative design improvements incorporated into the sample tubes is producing excellent wear resistance and better than average life.

The drill bit design has a very efficient air delivery method to the bit face.  This is producing highly favorable drilling conditions in large volumes of water allowing drilling to continue longer and deeper before high pressure boosters are employed.

Rotary Drilling Products

Mincon is the only design and manufacturing company in Canada fully dedicated to Rotary Blast Hole Drill Bits, Drill Pipe, and other string components. “Innovation and Performance” are the foundation of our efforts to produce rugged, dependable, quality products, providing optimal drilling performance for our customers.

Our ability and willingness to work directly with our customers to generate customized solutions for their tough and varied drilling conditions is our competitive advantage in the open pit segment of the blast hole industry.

Mincon Advanced Performance (AP) rotary drill bits are manufactured using aircraft quality steel and premium carbide grades developed to suit the toughest application. Computer­ized designs using solid modeling, computerized manufacturing processes using the latest in CNC equipment and computer process controlled heat treatment ensure consistent, high quality, drill bits.

Product Information:
Mincon field staff work directly with our customers to test, report, and analyze, critical performance criteria for each drilling condition. Using this data in cooperation with feedĀ­back from the driller and operations management, Mincon engineering provides a level of customization unique in the industry. Mincon recognizes, as all drillers do, that all rock is not created equal.

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