Blasthole Dewatering Systems LLC

Box 1160
Malta, MT 59538

Phone: View Phone Number406-654-1727

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Company Description:

Paul Kunze, doing business as BDS LLC, had been manufacturing and marketing this pneumatic displacement blasthole dewatering pump to quarries, mines and civil engineering projects around the world since 1992. After a long successful career, Paul has now passed the business to his son Mark.

This simple, effective and inexpensive device, is available in a range of sizes that will quickly remove water from holes from as small as 2-1/2" (63mm) in diameter, through holes in the 7" (178mm) range, to depths approaching 130' (40m) deep.

It’s easy; the entire light­weight body and sleeve assembly, with the intake hose sus­pended below, is low­ered into the blasthole to the water level. Com­pressed air is used to inflate the flexible rubber sleeve, thereby expand­ing it to form a seal in the hole. Pressurized air is then automati­cally divert­ed to the closed chamber which has been created below the sleeve. This pressure displac­es the water and quickly forces it into the intake line, up through the center of the pump body, and on out the discharge hose to the surface. After the water in the hole is re­moved, the pump is imme­di­ately with­drawn. The dewatered hole can then be primed and loaded with the appropri­ate explo­sives.

Product Information:
The BDS Pump is a unique device that uses low pressure, low volume compressed air to efficiently remove water from blastholes. The assembly consists of: 1- a stainless steel pump body, 2- an expandable and replaceable rubber sleeve, 3- a discharge hose, 4- an intake hose with, 5- a stainless steel tube screen, 6- air supply hose, 7- pressure regulator, 8- an operating valve, and 9- assorted fittings. A braided stainless cable is included to facilitate retrieval from a tight hole.

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